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Welcome to Dr.G.Dental & Implant Hospital

Dr. (capt) S.Gokulanathan, dental clinic is a pioneer dental hospital in Tiruvannamalai for the past 30 yrs. We are providing the best dental treatments for our patients. We have the vast experience in dental field and renowned hospital in the town. Our services in friendly manner and we created good smiles in thousands of thousands of peoples face. We always thanks to the people who are taking treatments in our hospital. They are prime persons and we are here to deliver a prompt treatment. What people desire we deserve for them.

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Root canals

Its a procedure to remove inflamed or infected pulp on inside the tooth which is then carefully cleaned and disinfected then filled and sealed.

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning get rid of debris, plaque tartar and biofilm. To maintain your oral health.

Teeth Restoration

Fillings - Special Materials to repair tooth decay(cavity). To restore the tooth to form and function.

Dental Implants

Medical devices surgically implant into the jawbone made up of titanium, act like roots to hold the crown and bridges.

Orthodontic Smile Correction

To treate malocclusion include braces, clear aligners and retainers.

Quality Briquettes

We are dealing with high class equipments, world class implants and top lab tieups and experience doctors team.

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Having over 10 million studints worldwide and more than 10,000+ online courses available.


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Our Services

All dental procedures, treatments

It includes tooth extractions, implants, bone grafts, wisdom teeth removal, jaw surgeries,Tooth decay and orthodontic braces treatments.

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Crown and Bridge

A crown, or a “cap,” fits over an existing tooth. It requires restoration due to deep decay, a fracture, or a crack. At least three units make up a bridge: two crowns (abutments) fused to a pontic, or fake tooth, that replaces a missing tooth.

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Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is a way of straightening or moving teeth, to improve the appearance of the teeth and how they work. It can also help to look after the long-term health of your teeth, by spreading the biting pressure over all your teeth.

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Periodontic treatment

Your periodontist makes cuts in your gums to carefully fold back the tissue. This exposes the tooth roots for more effective scaling and root planing. Because periodontitis often causes bone loss, the underlying bone may be reshaped before the gum tissue is stitched back in place.

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Scaling & root planning

In the dental world, deep cleaning is also known as Scaling and Root planning. Scaling is the process of removing dental tartar from the surfaces of the teeth. Root planing is the process of smoothing the root surfaces and removing any infected tooth structure.

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Root canal treatment

Root canal is a treatment to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth instead of removing it. The term "root canal" comes from cleaning of the canals inside a tooth's root. Decades ago, root canal treatments often were painful.

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Different people heal at different speeds after an extraction. It is important to keep your mouth and the extraction site as clean as possible, making sure that the socket is kept clear of all food and debris. Don't rinse for the first 24 hours, and this will help your mouth to start healing.

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Wisdom teeth extraction (3rd molar)

It's also called removal, is a surgical procedure to take out one or more wisdom teeth. These are the four permanent adult teeth located at the back corners of your mouth on the top and bottom. If a wisdom tooth it can become impacted.

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A dental implant is used to support one or more false teeth. It is a titanium screw that can replace the root of a tooth when it fails. Just like a tooth root, it is placed into the jawbone.

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