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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction, also called removal, is a surgical procedure to take out one or more wisdom teeth. There are the four permanent adult teeth located at the back corners of your mouth on the top and bottom. If a wisdom tooth, also known as a third molar, doesn't have room to grow, it can become impacted.

Wisdom teeth removal recovery time takes one to two weeks on average. But most people can resume school, work and other routines in about three to five days. Your surgeon will give you detailed postoperative instructions to help keep you comfortable while you heal.

Wisdom tooth also known as 3rd molar doesn't have room to grow became impacted.

Impacted wisdom tooth causes pain, infection or other dental problems you need to remove it surgically.

Some surgeons recommend removing wisdom tooth earlier even if they arent causing problems because this lead to problem later in life.

Wisdom tooth are the last tooth erupt in the mouth between the ages 17-25.

They may partially or fully impacted in the jawbone.

Many people have impacted wisdom Teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth may:

Grow at any angle towards the next tooth or back of the mouth.

Grow at the right angle to the other teeth lying down within the jawbone.

Grow straight up or down like other teeth but trapped within the jawbone.



Difficulty in mouth opening

Bad breath

Bleeding gums

Redness and swelling of the gums

Swollen lymphnodes upper neck

Unpleasant taste

Prolonged headache earpain or jawache

Injured to the IAN-Inferior alveolar nerve leads to numbness, paresthesia


Very rare fracture of the jaws

Tumors of the jaws


Mesio angular impaction - most common

Disto angular impaction - rare and difficult to remove

Vertical impaction

Horizontal impaction

How to Identify?




Surgical Procedure

Depends upon the types of impaction the treatments varies

Surgical removal is recommended

By giving local anesthetics procedure is performed by sectioning of the tooth and remove the roots

Usually bones removed all around the tooth to expose the impacted teeth

and finally removed suited place.
Complications of Surgery

Usually the safest procedure and the complications may occur intra operatively or developed during the post operative period.

Intra operative complications


Damage to the adjacent Teeth

Injury to the surrounding tissues

Displacement of Teeth into adjacent spaces

Fracture of the root, maxillary tuberosity or the mandible

Post Operative complications




Prolonged bleeding

Dry socket


Sensory alterations of the inferier alveolar nerve or lingual nerve

Post operative care
1. Bleeding

Some blood may ooze the first day after a wisdom teeth is removed. Try not spit too much so that you dont remove the blood clot from the socket. Replace the gauze over the surgical site as directed by the dentist or surgeon.

2. Pain management

Managed by pain medications usually NSAIDS.

Holding an icepack against to your jaw for 20minutes on and off on the day of surgery.

Antibiotics :

Antibiotics to continues for 5 to 7 days prescribed by your dentist

3.Swelling and bruising

Use an icepack by your dentist recommended.

Swelling usually gets better in 2-3 days.

Bruising may take more days to better.

4. Activity

Relax for the rest of the day.

Atleast a week dont take part in activites that require lot of energy that might remove blood clots from the socket.

Complete rest.

Adequate sleep and medications.


Drink lot of water after the surgery.

Don't drink alcoholic caffinated and carbonated or hot beverages in the first 24hours.

Don't drink with a straw for atleast a week because it can pull the blood clot from the socket.

6. Food

Eat only soft foods for first 24 hours.

Don't eat or chew hard or hot or spicy foods that might get stuck in the socket or irritate wound.

7. Cleaning your mouth

Don't brush your teeth, rinse your mouth and spit or use mouth wash during the first 24hours after surgery.

Be gentle near the surgical wound while brushing.

Gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water every 2hrs and after meals for a week.

8. Tobacco use

Don't smoke for atleast 72hrs after surgery wait longer if possible.

If you chew tobacco don't do it for atleast a week.

Usage of tobacco product after surgery can delay healing and raise the risk of complications.


Usually Sutures resolve within a few weeks or you may not have any Sutures.

If your Sutures need to be removed schedule an appointment to have them taken out.

10. Any emergency call dentist or visit in person